Restaurant Menu: Starters


Pepper or Tomato Grill £3.95
Whole juicy tomato or fresh pepper, stuffed & barbecued in the clay oven
(Choice of chicken, lamb or vegetable stuffing)

Mix Kebab (For 2) £7.95
A beautiful combination of mix kebab of chicken tikka, sheek kebab, mushroom combo and paneer tikka with a sprinkling of cheese.

Garlic Tikka & Mushrooms £3.95
Marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a clay oven then fried with garlic & mushrooms.

Tetul Mix £4.50
Succulent lamb & chicken tikka together with mutton mushrooms, crunchy onions & capsicum pan fried in tangy tamarind, served with a paratha.

Chicken or Aloo Chat £3.95
Diced chicken or potatoes, mildly spiced with a delicate use of chat masala sauce. Served with a puffed puri.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £3.25

Tandoori Chicken £3.25

Sheek or Shami Kabab £3.25

Meat Samosa £2.95
Meat with fresh herbs in a pastry wrap then deep fried Vegetable Starters

Paneer Tikka £3.95
Cubes of Indian cheese imbued with herbs & spices and laced with cardamon then gently glazed in the clay oven.

Vegetable Samosa £2.95
Vegetable with fresh herbs in a pastry wrap then deep fried

Afgani Chatt £3.95
Chick peas cooked in medium strength condensed sauce then wrapped in soft flat thin bread.

Spicy Aloo with Garlic Mushroom £3.95
A firm favourite with lovers of our exclusive cuisine. Soft and fluffy spiced potato balls with sauted mushroom and garlic.

Onion Bhagee £2.95

Vegetable Platta (For 2) £6.95
Vegetable pakora, samosa, onion bhajee & paneer tikka.

Seafood Starters

Prawn on Puree £3.95
Sweet and sour prawns cooked with onions, coriander and cumin, served on a puree.

Roop Chanda £4.95
Fish from the bay of Bengal marinated in lime juice, yogurt and spiced, then grilled in the clay oven to perfection.

King Prawn Butterfly £4.95
Large king prawn covered in bread crumbs & deep fried until golden.

King Prawn on Puree £4.95
King Prawn cooked in a mild cream sauce of coconut milk with a touch of spice served in a puree.

Prawn Cocktail £3.95

Tandoori King Prawn £5.95
Succulent king prawns seasoned with garlic and chilli batter