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Served with chips, peas and salad.

Chicken Nugget £6.95

Sirloin Steak £11.95

Omelette ( Chicken, Prawn or Mushroom) £6.95

All of the following dishes are specially marinaded and slowly cooked in tandoor which gives its own distinctive flavour. Served with salad.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shaslik £7.95
Marinated chicken or lamb with onions, green pepper and tomatoes cooked in clay oven.

Paneer Tikka Shaslik £7.95
Indian cheese with onions, green pepper and tomatoes cooked in clay oven.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £6.50

Paneer Tikka £6.50

Tandoori Chicken £6.50

Macli Tikka £8.95
Salmon steak infused with herbs & spices, fresh lime juice then skewered & cooked in the tandoor.

Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab, King Prawn and Nan.

Blue Mango Lamb Chop £9.95
Tender lamb chop charcoal grilled in thick spiced masala.

Tandoori Fish (Rainbow Trout) £8.95


Blue Mango Tropical (Mixed) £8.95

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95

Chicken or Lamb or Prawn £6.95

King Prawn £8.95

Garlic Chilli Paneer Balti £5.95

Balti Mixed Vegetables £5.95


Lime and Ginger Sea Bass £9.95
Pan fried fillet of Seabass senred on a bed of sauteed spinach and red juicy pepper Accompanied by cumin new potatoes, drizzled with vine cherry tomato and fish brath.

Seafood Lazeez Hot on request £9.95
Scallop, salmon & prawns panfried with cardamons, fresh lemon, coriander, tomatoes, shredded ginger, fresh meti and lime juice in a spicy medium sauce.

Mass Bortha £7.95
Hot & spicy indian style fish salsa.

Trout Bhuna £7.95
Whole trout grilled in bhuna sauce.

Bengal King Prawn £9.95
Shelled king prawn cooked in chefs home made sauce and fresh lime.

Rupchanda Bhuna £9.95
Pan fried silver pomfret in bhuna sauce.

All £5.95

All of the following dishes can be ordered with Chicken, Lamb, Prawns, King Prawn or Vegetables. (King Prawn supplement of £3. 00)

Sag Walla
Rogan Gosh


Tikka Masala (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
We present our own exclusive recipe of succulent tikka in a smooth creamy masala sauce.

Chilli Masala (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked with fresh green chilli, herbs and spices.

Butter Chicken, Lamb or Veg £6.95
A simple mouth-watering dish with a delicious buttery mild sauce of ground almond & crushed ginger. This makes an impressive centre piece.

Northern Bengal Garlic Chilli £6.95
(Chicken, Lamb or Veg) Bengalish style. Fried in garlic, with jalapeno peppers& onions then cooked in a spicy sauce to give rich hot flavour.

Jalfrezi (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Bite sized slices of succulent fresh chicken or lamb or vegetables prepared in a hot & spicy sauce of stir fried sliced onions, capsicums, coriander,
tomatoes & fresh chilli. (Can be made medium on request.)

Jaipuri (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
A very popular dish from Jaipuri in India. Marinated and slow cooked in the clay oven and enhanced with fresh mushrooms, onr'ons, juicy capsicum served in a Punjabi style sauce.

Ginger Karai (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked with fresh ginger, tomato, peppers and onions.

Archari (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked with a combination of sweet peppers and onions in a spicy and tangy flavoured sauce. (hot on request).

Gurka Masala (Chicken or Lamb) £8.95
Very highly recommended. Our chefs own unique way of cooking in a medium sauce.

Kufta Bora (Meat Ball) £6.95
Cooked in an authentic spicy sauce.

Jhallosa (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked in hot, sweet & sour sauce with medium ground spices and herbs.

Roshni (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked with fresh garlic.

Afghan Chana (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
A famous dish from Afghanistan. Stewed with Afghan chick peas in spicy fresh lemon juice. Gamished with a touch of fresh coriander and ginger.
Medium hot and slightly sour to taste. (Hot on request)

Jeera Chicken or Lamb or Veg £6.95
Marinated in gartic and ginger Cooked in cumin seeds and other delicious spices.

Dhakeshwari (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Very creamy dish, cooked with fenugreek.

Rezella (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked with fresh peppers, onions and naga chilli in a hot and spicy sauce.

Naga (Chicken, Lamb or Veg) £6.95
Cooked with naga pickle.

Blue Mango Sizzling Tawa £7.95
(Chicken, Lamb or Veg) Cooked with sliced onion, pepper, chilli, garlic & ginger. Served on iron skillet.

Nawabi Tikka Passanda £6.95
(Lamb or Chicken or Veg ) Tender pieces of lamb or chicken or vegetables prepared in a mild creamy sauce of ground almonds, pistachio with
a touch of cultured yoghurt to give you mouth-watering taste.

Anarkali (Hot on request) £8.95
Off the bone, whole breast of chicken, stuffed with minced lamb and fried in butter. Then cooked in a special medium spicy sauce.

Murghi Masala £11.95
Strips of tandoori chicken braised with miced meat, served with bombay aloo, pilau rice and plain nan.

Blue Mango Special £11.95
Chicken & lamb tikka strips flavoured with five indian spice, senred with bombay aloo, pilau rice and plain nan.

Sylheti Chicken £11.95
Grilled chicken fillet, cooked in a rich tantalising sauce, senred with bombay aloo, pilau rice and plain nan.

All dishes are served with biryani sauce

Blue Mango House Special Biryani £9.95

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biryani £7.95

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biryani £8.95

King Prawn Biryani £9.95

Vegetable Biryani £6.95

Mushroom Biryani £6.95

For the discerning diner and those who share our love for the finest indian cuisine. All dishes are freshly prepared personally by our illustrious chefs

For Two People: £24.95
Popadoms & Chutneys, Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Samosa
Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh
Sag Aloo, Rice & Nan

For Four People: £44.95
Popadoms & Chutneys, Sheek Kebab, Chicken Chalt, Vegetable Pakora, Onion Bhajee
Prawn Patia, Chicken Korma, Lamb Bhuna, Chicken Shashlik
Bombay Aloo, Tarka Dall, Pilau Rice, Esiled Rice, Plain Nan, Keema Nan

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